Our Courses

Ground Weapons Seminar

Basic Handgun/HQL

Wear and Carry

Wear and Carry Renewal

Tactical Pistol 1

Tactical Pistol 2

Tactical Rifle: The Practical Approach to Combat Carbine

Precision Rifle

Women’s Defensive Handgun

Teen Handgun Familiarization

Glock Cleaning & Maintenance

Carbine Cleaning & Maintenance

Home Defense & Low Light Tactics

Car Ambush Defense

Tactical CQC - LEO Restricted

Israeli Combat System Self-Defense (Krav Maga)

Weapon Retention

Stick, Knife, & Improvised Weapons

No One is Coming...!

Pistol Fundamentals

CPR/Stop the Bleed

Tactical Casualty Combat Care (20-hours)

Urban Trauma Care (4-hours)